Sarah & Craig's Real Wedding

Sarah and Craig wanted their wedding to be ‘simple but effective’ and enlisted the help of family and friends to make their special day just that!

Two years and 1 month after Craig made a romantic proposal down on one knee, the couple married on 26th March 2010.  Taking the advice of friends, Sarah remained calm, taking mental pictures of her big day to ensure she enjoyed the whole event from start to finish.

Craig & Sarah-The Couple

Sarah and Craig met when queuing to get into a bar whilst out with their respective friends. After some drinking and chatting inside, Sarah gave Craig her number but was disappointed when she hadn’t heard from him for a few days. Unknown to her at the time, she had written her number down incorrectly! Nevertheless, Craig was keen to find Sarah and so made some contacts and tracked her down.

Sarah compares their first night out to going on a blind date as neither one could remember what each other looked like! They were both obviously very pleased as a year later, when Sarah returned from a five month trip with her sister, Craig made his romantic proposal. With roses, a glass of champagne and a well rehearsed speech, Craig popped the question! And the rest, as they say, is history!

Craig & Sarah's Wedding on 26 Mar 2010

Photography by: Peter Restell Photographer

Wedding venue: Maidens Barn

Craig & Sarah's supplier list

Photography by:  Peter Restell Photographer

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