Samantha & Silvia's Real Wedding

Samantha & Silvia's Real Wedding - The Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake

Samantha and Silvia had a three tiered wedding cake made for them by a family member.

The cake was made from lemon, chocolate and Madeira sponge, and was covered in white icing and decorated with silver ribbon and pink butterflies. The cake was topped with a cake topper of two brides, designed to look like Silvia and Samantha.

The cake was cut following the buffet and boxes were provided so it could be taken home by the guests.

After their beautiful celebration of their civil partnership, the brides relaxed in North Norfolk on a coastal holiday, as they’d had their big honeymoon to Australia following their New Zealand wedding the previous year! They both love natural things and enjoyed spending time by the sea, reflecting on their previous year as a married couple!

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Samantha & Silvia's Real Wedding on 05 Aug 2012

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Photography by:  Greg Ward Photography

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