Rebecca & Martin's Real Wedding

Rebecca & Martin's Real Wedding - The Beginning

The Beginning

Martin and Rebecca first met when she was working as a barmaid in a pub he was drinking in. She wasn’t meant to be working that night, so it had to be fate for as soon as she saw him, she knew she’d marry him one day!

She left her number on a beer mat for him whilst glass collecting and they spoke on the phone for four hours later that night. The couple had been together for 11 months and Rebecca had received two drunken proposals when Martin finally asked her properly, down on bended knee! He had lit candles and had their favourite song playing, before presenting her with a bigger version of a ring she’d already picked out as she got home at 1am.

They cracked open some Martini Asti – Rebecca’s favourite wine! – to celebrate, and spent the next five and a half years enjoying their engagement as they planned their dream wedding. 

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Rebecca & Martin-The Beginning
Rebecca & Martin-Dream Dress
Rebecca & Martin-Wedding Flowers
Rebecca & Martin-Vintage Beauford
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Rebecca & Martin-Wedding Stationery
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Rebecca & Martin's Real Wedding on 02 Aug 2013

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Photography by:  Victoria Jayne Photography

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