Rebecca & Jamie's Real Wedding

**Benjamin Roberts Bride of the Month, September 2013**

Rebecca and Jamie tied the knot in the middle of summer 2012 with their two daughters and 50 wedding guests.  They had a beach theme running throughout their day and the bride wore a stunning dress designed by Benjamin Roberts that she loved everything about.

Jamie & Rebecca-The Bride & Groom

Rebecca and Jamie met through mutual friends in a bar and got talking straight away.  Jamie was eager to impress Rebecca and offered to buy her a cocktail – but being too polite, Rebecca, who didn’t like the cocktail at all, drank it anyway, so that she didn’t offend him.  Fast forward four years and Rebecca and Jamie had fallen in love and had produced their own little family. 

On February 15th, 2011 whilst sitting on the sofa with their two daughters, Jamie asked one of the girls if she’d like mummy to have the same surname as him. With that, he produced an engagement ring that he’d purchased in secret and the couple started thinking about and organising their future wedding plans.

Jamie & Rebecca's Wedding on 14 Jul 2012

Photography by: Friends and Family

Wedding venue: The Elmfield

Jamie & Rebecca's supplier list

Photography by:  Friends and Family

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