Pree & Tom's Real Wedding

After locking eyes at a work meeting, Tom and Pree were instantly smitten. After three years together, Tom wowed Pree with an intimate proposal, and a year later they tied the knot in a big Indian wedding, followed by a party in the UK in Pree’s hometown of Leeds. 

Tom & Pree-The Bride and Groom

Tom asked Pree to be his wife in front of both sets of parents and Pree’s two sisters – something Pree thought was very brave!

He offered his future wife a gorgeous ‘place holding’ ring, before the two of them designed Pree’s dream engagement ring together, which featured a stunning yellow diamond.

The next year was spent planning their big Indian wedding, which took place in Guwahati, Assam and was attended by 450 – 500 guests! The couple planned their wedding from their home in Sydney, and returned to the UK after for a wedding reception with those who couldn’t make it at the Royal Amouries in Leeds.

They followed their three day extravagant wedding with a relaxing honeymoon in India, which involved floating down the backwaters of Kerala on their own private houseboat. 

Tom & Pree's Wedding on 13 Dec 2013

Photography by: Wedlocks India

Tom & Pree's supplier list

Photography by:  Wedlocks India

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