Nicky & James's Real Wedding

Everything to do with Nicky and James’ wedding came in two’s! They had two best men, two daughters as bridesmaids, two florists, two wedding cakes, two honeymoons and Nicky wore two wedding dresses! A lot of hard work went in to creating a fun and exciting day for this newlywed couple and their wedding guests, and it was all down to the passion and determination of the wonderful bride!

James & Nicky-The Couple

James and Nicky are both Police Officers and met whilst working at the same station.  They spent time getting to know each other and after 5 years the couple bought their first house together.

On Nicky’s birthday morning, 6 months after moving in to their dream home, James brought a cup of coffee up to bed and presented her with a pile of presents.  One by one Nicky opened her gifts, but wasn’t expecting to save the best for last! She opened a bag with a ring box in it, but it still didn’t hit home that this was actually an engagement ring.  When she opened the box the most unusual white gold ring featuring a square diamond glistened, and James said “Well, are you going to marry me then?”

Nicky accepted James’ proposal and the couple spent the next 18 months completing the decoration of their house, and planning a fabulous wedding.

James & Nicky's Wedding on 20 Aug 2011

Photography by: Your Hand in Mine

James & Nicky's supplier list

Photography by:  Your Hand in Mine

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