Nancy & Ben's Real Wedding

Nancy & Ben's Real Wedding - The Orange and White Wedding Cake

The Orange and White Wedding Cake

Nancy loved her wedding cake. They had a three tiered cake, made by one of the bride’s friends from school and her mum. The top tier was a Victoria sponge covered in white icing and topped with a bride and groom, and the second tier was vanilla flavoured with sugar flowers and a miniature Princess Leia and Hans Solo decorating it. The third and final tier was a chocolate cake, topped with M&Ms that coordinated with the colour scheme.

The bottom tier was put out with the evening buffet alongside some other cakes for the guests to tuck into.

After their quirky and colourful wedding, Ben and Nancy set off to Crete for their honeymoon. They’d never been on holiday together before so this made it even more exciting! Nancy summed it up perfectly when describing her honeymoon: “I just loved being with my husband. Crete was lovely but he was the main attraction!”

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Nancy & Ben-The Bride and Groom
Nancy & Ben-The Bride and Bridesmaids
Nancy & Ben-The Groomsmen
Nancy & Ben-The Wedding Day
Nancy & Ben-The Ceremony
Nancy & Ben-Colourful Flowers
Nancy & Ben-The Reception
Nancy & Ben-The Orange and White Wedding Cake
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Nancy & Ben's Real Wedding on 06 Jul 2013

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Photography by:  Sarah Aires Photography

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