Nadine & Sam's Real Wedding

Nadine & Sam's Real Wedding - Shabby Chic Wedding Decor

Shabby Chic Wedding Decor

The theme of Sam and Nadine’s wedding was shabby chic, drawing inspiration from vintage and rustic trends. Lots of jars were used to decorate the venue, and were filled with flowers or candles. They were all dressed up with lace and hessian twine for a rustic look, and were placed on the reception tables with bunches of hydrangeas, surrounded by candles.

All the tables had hessian table runners and were scattered with paper hearts, cut out from books. The couple also left out lists on each table of things to photograph, such as the worst dancer, the bride looking for her groom etc. which was a lot of fun.

Lots of bunting added to the shabby chic theme, and Sam’s dad provided the couple with his Royal Navy suitcase for cards and gifts. There were also Jenga blocks for people to personalise and framed photos of Nadine and Sam’s parents on their wedding days. 

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Nadine & Sam-The Bride and Groom
Nadine & Sam-The Beautiful Bride
Nadine & Sam-Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses
Nadine & Sam-Blue Groomswear
Nadine & Sam-Wedding Ceremony
Nadine & Sam-Pendley Manor Wedding Venue
Nadine & Sam-Shabby Chic Wedding Decor
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Nadine & Sam's Real Wedding on 01 Aug 2014

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Photography by:  Pho2u!

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