Monica & Mark's Real Wedding

Monica & Mark's Real Wedding - Gangster Wedding Theme

Gangster Wedding Theme

Each of the tables at Monica and Mark’s wedding reception were named after different gangster themed films, and were decorated to reflect that. The ‘Godfather’ table featured a horse’s head centrepiece, surrounded by flowers!

The couple left out jars of sweets for each of their guests, decorated with miniature mugshots of Monica and Mark and their wedding date. On the other side of the mugshots was a picture of Don Corleone with the words: ‘Vivi con passion, ridi con cuore, ama profondamente’, which translates to ‘Live with passion, laugh with your heart, love deeply’.

The venue was also decorated with film posters, which were edited to feature the bride and groom. The couple also organised a photo booth with a graffiti wall, and had Monica’s cousin and nephew (aged 12 and 13) waiting in the ceremony room armed with fake guns.

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Monica & Mark-The Bride and Groom
Monica & Mark-The Untraditional Bride
Monica & Mark-Gangster Groomsmen
Monica & Mark-Comic Book Wedding Flowers
Monica & Mark-Vintage Wedding Ring
Monica & Mark-The Grasshopper Inn
Monica & Mark-Gangster Wedding Theme
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Monica & Mark's Real Wedding on 25 Jul 2014

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Photography by:  Darren Flynn Photography

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