Michelle & Andy's Real Wedding

Michelle & Andy's Real Wedding - Crockwell Farm Wedding Venue

Crockwell Farm Wedding Venue

Both the wedding reception and the ceremony took place at Crockwell Farm.

The bride entered as ‘Marry Me’ by Train played – she tried her best not to cry as she didn’t want to smudge her makeup, but Andy cried lots and so did the best man!

Samual and Morgan entered the ceremony before their mum and almost ran down the aisle, which made everyone laugh. They carried a sign that said ‘Daddy, here comes mummy’, which set Andy off crying.

When Michelle reached Andy, she noticed both he and the best man had their cravats on backwards – they’d done each other’s. She got tongue-tied during the vows as she was overwhelmed by emotion and needed prompting by the registrar!

After the ceremony, the couple exited to Take That’s ‘Rule the World’. The newlyweds and their guests were then straight into the reception which had a black and white theme and was decorated with diamante hearts and feathers.

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Michelle & Andy-Crockwell Farm Wedding Venue
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Michelle & Andy's Real Wedding on 10 Oct 2015

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Photography by:  Doherty Photography
Venue by:  Crockwell Farm
Entrance : Marry Me by Train
Recessional : Rule the World by Take That

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