Michelle & Andy's Real Wedding

Michelle and Andy have known each other since infant school – he used to ‘go out’ with her best friend Tracie when they were all six years old! VIP tickets to a Lee Evans concert when they were much older lead to true love for the pair, and they married at Crockwell Farm.

Andy & Michelle-Michelle and Andy’s Glamorous Monochrome Wedding

Andy and Michelle were friends right up until Year Six, and used to play together in the playground. They went their separate ways at secondary school and found new friends, although Michelle vaguely recalls Andy asking her out and turning him down!

Their parents used to socialise together at the local pub, and one day Andy mentioned he had VIP tickets to see Lee Evans and he’d like to take Michelle. Andy’s dad sprang into action – he managed to get Michelle’s number from her mum and encouraged Andy to drop her a text.

She replied to the text agreeing to go – but she actually thought it was from another friend of hers called Andy! Regardless of that, the couple had a great time together and were completely inseparable from that point on.

Andy proposed on their first holiday together. It was an 18-30 hotel in Corfu and they had two single beds which they pushed together! Sitting on their makeshift double bed, Andy asked Michelle what she’d say if he proposed. She said ‘well, yes of course’. With that, he ran to the cupboard and bounced on to the mattress, effectively throwing the ring at Michelle!

The couple were engaged for 10 years – in that time they welcomed two baby boys, bought a home together and got a dog and a hamster!

Andy & Michelle's Wedding on 10 Oct 2015

Photography by: Doherty Photography

Wedding venue: Crockwell Farm

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Photography by:  Doherty Photography

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