Meriel & Jamie's Real Wedding

Meriel & Jamie's Real Wedding - Vintage MG

Vintage MG

As the ceremony and reception were all taking place at one venue, Meriel didn’t see the point in paying for an expensive car just to arrive in, so she planned on taking a black cab.

Then one of her dad’s friends offered to drive them in his vintage MG. It was a win-win situation, as he didn’t drive it much and was always looking for an excuse to get out in it, and Meriel and her dad got some lovely photos together in an unusual car!

Her dad loved it, and it made the special father-daughter moment of travelling together even more memorable. 

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Meriel & Jamie-The Bride and Groom
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Meriel & Jamie-Vintage MG
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Meriel & Jamie's Real Wedding on 07 Sep 2013

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Photography by:  Lokstar Photography

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