Meghan & Alex's Real Wedding

Meghan & Alex's Real Wedding - The Couple’s Advice

The Couple’s Advice

Meghan and Alex didn’t set themselves a wedding budget and just tried to be economical as possible and keep the costs down that they could. The only thing that the pair said they’d change about the entire day is just that they wish it could have lasted longer!

They had some really useful and practical tips for perspective wedding planning couples which included a warning to prepare as much as possible in advance to ensure you’re not scrambling last minute trying to piece the final details together.

They also suggested hiring an event coordinator for the wedding day itself or even for the days leading up to the wedding. Meghan admitted that she wouldn’t have been able to get through the wedding week without her event coordinator as her mind was totally friend from months of planning and she needed a wedmin break!

Their last bit of advice was to not stick to traditions that mean nothing to you. This couple chose what felt right for them and it worked. Meghan had both their parents walk her down the aisle, they didn’t have a wedding party and opted out of a top table and first dance.


Ultimately, it’s about what you think will make your wedding day special – that’s the motto this adorable couple had and it seems to have paid off perfectly!

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Meghan & Alex-The Couple’s Advice
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Meghan & Alex's Real Wedding on 04 Sep 2016

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Photography by:  Kieran Darcy Photography

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