Maxine & Paul's Real Wedding

Maxine and Paul had a wonderful day and tied the knot on the grounds of their favourite football club, Manchester United.

The couple spent 1 year planning their wedding and made sure that they shopped around to get the best deals for all of their wedding supplies. 

Paul & Maxine-The Couple

Maxine and Paul met in a pub on a Saturday night out in Bangor, North Wales through a group of mutual friends in 2007.  During a conversation one evening the couple realised that they wanted to be together forever and not long after they went shopping to choose Maxine her all important engagement ring.

They spent one year planning their nuptials and invited 120 wedding guests to celebrate with them in March 2010.  Maxine and Paul bought basic wedding invitations from Marks and Spencer and added the finishing touches themselves to make them more personal and set the theme for the beautiful wedding that they wanted their guests to look forward to. 

Paul & Maxine's Wedding on 19 Mar 2010

Photography by: Raw Photography

Wedding venue: Manchester United Football Club

Paul & Maxine's supplier list

Photography by:  Raw Photography

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