Martine & Jim's Real Wedding

Martine & Jim's Real Wedding - Steampunk Themed Wedding Invitations

Steampunk Themed Wedding Invitations

It took Martine and Jim a total of 3 months to hand-make their wedding invitations.  Distressed luggage tags were printed and then attached to wooden, engraved USB sticks, each of which was individually steampunked with tiny watch parts. On each USB stick the couple created 9 PDF pages full of information about their wedding and theme.

Every page contained a quote from either a steampunk author or book to compliment the content of the page in order to really bring home the steampunk vibe.  

The hand-made invitations were the perfect introduction to Jim and Martine’s unique wedding theme.

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Martine & Jim-Martine and Jim
Martine & Jim-Steampunk Themed Wedding Invitations
Martine & Jim-The Dress
Martine & Jim-The Groom and his Gang
Martine & Jim-Wedding Transport
Martine & Jim-The Perfect Venue
Martine & Jim-Deep Red Flowers
Martine & Jim-The Bespoke Wedding Cake
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Martine & Jim's Real Wedding on 20 Oct 2010

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Photography by:  Marc Wyndham Bass

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