Martine & Jim’s Real Wedding

Jim's work history meant that he grew to love the steampunk genre, so it made sence for him, and his fiance Martine, to base their quirky wedding around a steampunk theme. They chose an unusual wedding venue, placed unique steampunk themed lamps in the centre of each table and created 6 playlists of atmospheric music to accompany each and every part of their wonderfully themed wedding day.


The Bespoke Wedding Cake

Martine and Jim cut in to a chocolate steampunk themed wedding cake with a ceremonial sword that had been leant to them by the Master of Ceremonies. Their cake was three tiers high and had two intertwining cogs sitting at the top to complete the overall theme of the day.  The cake was served for dessert accompanied by fresh berries with cream and had been designed by Debbie at The Cake Studio in London.


2 days after their wedding newslyweds Jim and Martine headed off to Playa Mujeres near Cancun in Mexico to enjoy a relaxing honeymoon combined with a little bit of excitement as well.  Mexico ticked every box for this unique couple and they had an incredible time – highly recommending a steampunk wedding theme to everyone they met – and will meet from now on.


Jim & Martine’s supplier list
Photography by: Marc Wyndham Bass
Cakes by: The Cake Studio