Martine & Jim’s Real Wedding

Jim's work history meant that he grew to love the steampunk genre, so it made sence for him, and his fiance Martine, to base their quirky wedding around a steampunk theme. They chose an unusual wedding venue, placed unique steampunk themed lamps in the centre of each table and created 6 playlists of atmospheric music to accompany each and every part of their wonderfully themed wedding day.


The Dress

Martine trawled the internet trying to find an ideas and inspiration for her steampunk themed wedding dress.  Eventually she found a blog relating to an American steampunk wedding and fell in love with the shape of the gown being worn by the bride.  The blog had a link to the designer who miraculously turned out to be based in Brighton, and not the USA!


Martine was able to travel down to Brighton to meet Susan, who designs gowns for ‘Bound by Obsession’.  After a lot of time, and patience, the perfect wedding dress was created.

Everything about Martine’s wedding dress was unique.  From the Victorian bustle gown to the incredible corset and the deep red colour; it was the perfect dress for a truly unique wedding.


Jim & Martine’s supplier list
Photography by: Marc Wyndham Bass
Bridalwear Shop by: Bound By Obsession