Maria & Matthias's Real Wedding

Maria & Matthias's Real Wedding - Maria and Matthias’s Traditional, Timeless Wedding

Maria and Matthias’s Traditional, Timeless Wedding

Somehow the stars aligned and despite growing up very far apart, Maria and Matthias met in New York whilst Maria was living and working there and Matthias was studying. They had an instant connection and bonded over their shared love of The Simpsons and classical music.

They spent a year and a half together enjoying everything New York has to offer and falling in love, when Maria secured her dream of completing a master’s degree in the UK. She was concerned about the impact of having a long distance relationship, but couldn’t give up on her dream. She moved and for just under three years the couple’s relationship continued across different time zones and the Atlantic Ocean.

As soon as Matthias finished his PhD in New York he relocated to San Francisco and invited Maria to move with him. She was hesitant at first but soon found work there and came to love it as her adopted home. They discussed marriage before moving, and as soon as Matthias asked her to clear her schedule for a long weekend away, she had an idea of what was coming.

They visited the wine region in California and they went for a picnic – Maria was sure the proposal was imminent, but she was wrong. Matthias saved it for after dinner – he popped the question whilst a fire roared in the hearth and they enjoyed champagne and truffles. 

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Maria & Matthias-Maria and Matthias’s Traditional, Timeless Wedding
Maria & Matthias-Maria’s Bridal Beauty Regime
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Maria & Matthias's Real Wedding on 29 Jun 2015

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Photography by:  James Davies Photography

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