Lynsey & Josh's Real Wedding

Lynsey & Josh's Real Wedding - Rustic Decor

Rustic Decor

The benches in the tipi were decorated with a mix of glass bottles, jars and plant pots filled with gorgeous wildflower arrangements. Each of the tables were named after a different Hell’s Angel, to go with the fact the couple referred to themselves as ‘The Biker and the Bride’ at the wedding.

They made their own table plan, fixing recycled postage labels to a ladder. Lynsey wrote romantic sayings and phrases on the back of each of the labels. As guests took their seats, they received a favour of a bunch of fragrant herbs to take home with them.

A wish tree was displayed outside where guests could write messages and fix them on to the tree for Josh and Lynsey to collect later. The band from the church played music, and Morris dancers entertained the guests as the tipi was transformed for the evening party.

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Lynsey & Josh-Husband and Wife
Lynsey & Josh-Hair and Beauty
Lynsey & Josh-Bridal Blooms
Lynsey & Josh-Arriving in Style
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Lynsey & Josh-Rustic Decor
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Lynsey & Josh's Real Wedding on 13 Jul 2013

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Photography by:  Pete Gore - Photographer

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