Lynsey & Daniel's Real Wedding

Lynsey and Daniel officially became an item whilst on holiday in Ibiza and always said that if they were to ever get married that they would do it back at the same place! Years later the couple tied the knot in their favorite spot in Ibiza surrounded by 50 members of their closest friends and family.

Daniel & Lynsey-The Proposal

Lynsey met Daniel when she was just 17 at a friend’s birthday party but it wasn’t until she turned 21 that the couple became an item whilst on holiday together in Ibiza. After six years of dating Daniel proposed in one of the most romantic ways that we have ever seen here on

Daniel arranged a romantic weekend away to the luxurious Grand Hotel in Brighton in order to celebrate the couples anniversary.  Taking his own initiative Daniel pre-booked a restaurant for dinner and after finishing her main course Lynsey looked down to see the words ‘Will You Marry Me’ engraved in to the plate.  Daniel had thought seriously about his proposal and had sent an engraved dinner plate to the restaurant ahead of time so that his proposal was perfect. Daniel had chosen a ring and the couple spent 1 year planning their wedding before tying the knot abroad.

Daniel & Lynsey's Wedding on 29 Sep 2009

Photography by: Gypsy Westwood

Daniel & Lynsey's supplier list

Photography by:  Gypsy Westwood

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