Lynda & Dave's Real Wedding

Having known each other since 1995, it wasn’t until 2006 that Lynda and Dave got together. The two had recently emerged from long term relationships and were feeling a little vulnerable.  Because of this they tread carefully in the beginning however it wasn’t long before they knew they had very strong feelings for each other and four years later the couple married in St Mary’s Church, Cloughton , the chosen venue for Lynda’s families’ weddings!

Dave & Lynda-The Couple

After seeing each other for 4 weeks, Lynda decided she needed to sort things out before getting in too deep with Dave. A couple of months without hearing from each other was too much though and so she contacted Dave to see how he was doing. Not long after, the couple went on a date to the ice rink which ended – at the hospital! With a damaged knee cap, the pair certainly had a night to remember!

On Lynda’s 30th birthday, Dave whisked her away to a Hotel Spa and arrange for some pampering for his beautiful lady! Dave had planned to propose to Lynda over a romantic dinner in the evening, but was too nervous. He needn’t have been though, after getting down on one knee later on in the night, Lynda gave him a huge YES and their wedding planning begun!

Dave & Lynda's Wedding on 01 May 2010

Photography by: JLS Images

Wedding venue: Raven Hall Country House Hotel

Dave & Lynda's supplier list

Photography by:  JLS Images

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