Louise & Steven's Real Wedding

*Benjamin Roberts Bride of the Month, August 2012*

Louise and Steven were lucky enough to have won their wedding in the Bahamas, courtesy of the Bahamas Tourist Board after having entered a competition through Facebook!  The couple celebrated an intimate beach wedding ceremony with two friends and 70 local guests before enjoying a traditional Caribbean wedding breakfast and a slice of Pina Colada wedding cake.

Steven & Louise-The Happy Couple

Louise and Steven met online and their first date was spent in the town of Cleerthorpes after having driven there on the back of Steven’s motorbike. It took only 2 weeks for Steven to realise that he wanted to marry Louise, and after mentioning marriage over a spaghetti bolognaise, he then booked a surprise trip to Paris so that he could propose properly!  Unfortunately Louise broke her leg and was unable to travel which delayed Steven’s proposal for a year! Steven proposed during a walk on the beach, after an argument, whilst the couple were visiting Loch Ness for their first anniversary.

The newly engaged couple were so happy at the fact they were engaged that they decided to save their money and wait before they tied the knot.  After 6 years they started entering competitions in order to win their wedding and on a gloomy day in December the phone rang whilst Louise was in her car.  It was the Bahamas Tourist Board on the phone who announced the great news to Louise that she had won a competition.  The prize, which came as a huge shock to the bride-to-be, was a wedding in the Bahamas!

Steven & Louise's Wedding on 16 May 2012

Photography by: Jackson Petit

Steven & Louise's supplier list

Photography by:  Jackson Petit

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