Louise & Ben's Real Wedding

Louise & Ben's Real Wedding - The Bride and Groom

The Bride and Groom

Louise and Ben met at an 80’s nightclub in Bolton and instantly connected.  They celebrated three years together and when the time was right, Ben bought a single diamond, not a diamond ring, prior to his planned proposal.

The couple were sat at home watching a scary movie in front of a log fire one evening, and as the credits rolled up Ben offered Louise a present.  Louise opened up a box which enclosed a single diamond, to which she was very confused. Louise said "It’s beautiful but I don’t understand" to which Ben replied "Well that’s a diamond and I’m hoping you’ll agree to marry me so that tomorrow we can go and choose a setting for it".

Louise of course accepted Ben’s proposal and the couple chose a setting for the ring together.  It took them five months to plan their beautiful winter wedding.

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Louise & Ben-The Bride and Groom
Louise & Ben-A Wonderful Benjamin Roberts Wedding Dress
Louise & Ben-Elegant Wedding Hair
Louise & Ben-The Bride with her Maid of Honour
Louise & Ben-The Belle Epoque
Louise & Ben-Tabel Plan & Winter Menu
Louise & Ben-Wintry Wedding Decor
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Louise & Ben's Real Wedding on 23 Dec 2011

Ben & Louise's supplier list

Photography by:  David Scholes Photography

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