Lisa & Mike's Real Wedding

Lisa and Mike met when she was in the UK for the Queen’s Jubilee. They married at Down Hall in an elegant wedding with lots of excellent wine!

Mike & Lisa-The Newlyweds

Mike and Lisa were introduced by mutual friends whilst Lisa was staying in the UK. After a delightful dinner together, the couple saw each other again before it was time for Lisa to return to Canada.

The couple spent the next year flitting back and forth across the Atlantic whenever they could. Mike was totally besotted with Canada, but they ultimately decided to set up home together in the UK.

One evening whilst enjoying a glass of wine in London, Mike suggested marriage. It felt right to Lisa so they sealed the deal with another glass of wine!

The couple were engaged for six months before marrying at Down Hall. 

Mike & Lisa's Wedding on 22 Nov 2014

Photography by: Nigel Read Photography

Wedding venue: Down Hall Hotel

Mike & Lisa's supplier list

Photography by:  Nigel Read Photography

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