Liesbet & Scott's Real Wedding

Liesbet & Scott's Real Wedding - A Parisian Encounter

A Parisian Encounter

Liesbet remembers admiring the look of Australian Scott from the very first moment she saw him on the Metro in Paris. They struck up a conversation as they were travelling the same way, and exchanged numbers. Two days later they met up, and spent the next few nights seeing each other, sitting under the Eiffel Tower chatting.

After Scott went back to Berkhamsted, Liesbet decided to go and visit him. They became regulars on the Eurostar as they travelled back and forth to see each other, before Scott moved to Paris to be with Liesbet after two and a half years together.   

Two weeks before they were due to leave Paris and move to England, they spent a weekend visiting all the places they would miss. When they got to the site of their first date, Scott presented Liesbet with 26 pages of writing about their love story. They took it in turns to read aloud, and at the end, Scott proposed!

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Liesbet & Scott-A Parisian Encounter
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Liesbet & Scott's Real Wedding on 26 May 2012

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Photography by:  Parkwin Photography

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