Libby & Simon's Real Wedding

Libby & Simon's Real Wedding - The Bride and Groom

The Bride and Groom

Libby and Simon met on the Waterfront of Bristol City Centre at a time when neither of them were expecting to meet a new partner! Having both come out of previous relationships both Libby and Simon were on a night out to have some fun, but an exchange of numbers led to a romantic first date at a Celtic Manor before the couple became inseparable!

Libby is a primary school teacher, and on Friday 5th July, 2013, she was pleasantly surprised when during assembly, every child in Libby’s class each held up a notecard, which in sequence read ‘ELIZABETH ROSE ELLIS WILL YOU MARRY’ which concluded with Simon appearing out of nowhere with the word ‘ME’ on his notecard!

The whole school was excited and happy for their primary teacher and she was able to flaunt her 1.14 carat brilliant round diamond ring off to everyone!

Libby and Simon planned their wedding in 13 months and 3 days and celebrated their big day with 110 guests during the day and a total of 200 during the evening.

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Libby & Simon-The Bride and Groom
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Libby & Simon's Real Wedding on 08 Aug 2014

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Photography by:  West Photography

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