Laura & Rob's Real Wedding

Laura & Rob's Real Wedding - Unique Tree Table Plan

Unique Tree Table Plan

Laura and Rob had a completely original and personal table plan. The quizzing couple gave each table a seemingly random number, which in fact was an answer to questions about the loving couple. Throughout the night, guests had to match questions such as; how many Simply Red albums there are or how many years have the couple been together, to their table numbers in order to win prizes, a great way to get everyone talking and having a blast! 

Each individual table plan was hung on strings of pearls, from trees in the venue's garden and decorated with around 100 painstakingly handmade orange and grey pom poms.

Along with having fantastic photography provided by Guillem, the couple bought inexpensive instant cameras and placed them on each table for the guests to use. Laura and Rob asked each of their 60 guests to take a photo of themselves, which they hope to make a collage out of to remember to big day.  

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Laura & Rob's Real Wedding on 30 May 2014

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Photography by:  huma06

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