Krystyna & Joe's Real Wedding

Joe and Krystyna first met at Sussex University. The couple have a tradition of visiting Brighton every year on their anniversary, and on their fourth visit, Joe proposed! They married in a traditional ceremony followed by a barn reception. 

Joe & Krystyna-The Bride and Groom

On one of their annual visits to Brighton, Joe told Krystyna he had a surprise for her. He presented her with a bottle of Snapple, as she collects the lids because they contain facts. She opened it and was a little disappointed to see it read ‘A ripe cranberry will bounce’, a fact she’d already got.

As they walked into the Pavilion Joe asked her what fact she’d got. When she told him, he insisted she was wrong as Snapple don’t repeat their facts. She pulled the drink out of her bag to prove him wrong, and when she opened the lid she saw it read ‘Kia, will you marry me?’!

Joe had somehow managed to swap the lids, and got down on one knee holding a beautiful daisy shaped diamond engagement ring. The bride and groom spent the next year planning their dream wedding.

Joe & Krystyna's Wedding on 26 Jul 2013

Photography by: David Osborne Digital

Joe & Krystyna's supplier list

Photography by:  David Osborne Digital

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