Kim & Stuart's Real Wedding

Kim & Stuart's Real Wedding - Hand-Made Table Plan

Hand-Made Table Plan

Kim and Stuart designed and made their own creative seating plan, with table names designed to give advice about love and life. For example, one table was called ‘LOVE – with all your heart’, whilst another was called ‘LIVE – like heaven is on earth’. The table names were held up by beautiful heart shaped holders. These romantic touches summarised Kim and Stuart’s attitude towards their life and relationship together.

As the guests took their seats for a delicious three course meal they found homemade place cards decorated with tiny pearl hearts, and cards containing lottery tickets as favours. After dinner the couple read out the lottery numbers, but out of 116 guests, only one person won £10!

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Kim & Stuart-A Magical Couple
Kim & Stuart-A Fairytale Dress
Kim & Stuart-The Ceremony
Kim & Stuart-A Unique Bridal Bouquet
Kim & Stuart-Hand-Made Table Plan
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Kim & Stuart's Real Wedding on 18 May 2012

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Photography by:  Krisztina K. Weiss Fotostudio

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