Kathryn & Karl's Real Wedding

Kathryn & Karl's Real Wedding - The Invitations

The Invitations

Kathryn made the wedding invitations herself by using Photoshop. As a couple they had chosen some photos from the last 5 years and Kathryn had put them on a textured background with a purple damask design down the side.  The wedding had a book theme running through it so Kathryn also made the Order of service, place cards, table seating plan and rather than using a box, Kathryn made a ring book to keep the rings in.

Kathryn had a handmade, silk flower bouquet made from etzy.com and also had hair pins to match. She was also sent a complimentary buttonhole for the groom, but ended up using that on the ring book. The flowers were in various shades of purple with some greenery. The bouquet was tied with a purple ribbon, onto which a flower-shaped brooch was pinned. Kathryn now has the bouquet in a vase in the living room and the brooch pinned to her jacket. It’s lovely to have reminders of the wedding day around on a daily basis.

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Kathryn & Karl-The Couple
Kathryn & Karl-The Groomswear
Kathryn & Karl-The Wedding Venue
Kathryn & Karl-The Invitations
Kathryn & Karl-The Seating Plan
Kathryn & Karl-The Placecards
Kathryn & Karl-The Reception Tables
Kathryn & Karl-The Wedding Cake
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Kathryn & Karl's Real Wedding on 30 Jan 2010

Karl & Kathryn's supplier list

Photography by:  Richard Barley Photography

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