Kathryn & Karl’s Real Wedding

Kathryn and Karl met and got together whilst working at the same bar back in 2003. Kathryn had been saving up to go travelling and only realised that their relationship was serious when it was time for her to leave the UK.  Karl went and met Kathryn in New Zealand 6 months later and they spent the next 4 months travelling around in a campervan.  It was then that they knew their relationship was special. Kathryn and Karl had simply the best wedding day ever.


The Invitations

Kathryn made the wedding invitations herself by using Photoshop. As a couple they had chosen some photos from the last 5 years and Kathryn had put them on a textured background with a purple damask design down the side.  The wedding had a book theme running through it so Kathryn also made the Order of service, place cards, table seating plan and rather than using a box, Kathryn made a ring book to keep the rings in.


Kathryn had a handmade, silk flower bouquet made from etzy.com and also had hair pins to match. She was also sent a complimentary buttonhole for the groom, but ended up using that on the ring book. The flowers were in various shades of purple with some greenery. The bouquet was tied with a purple ribbon, onto which a flower-shaped brooch was pinned. Kathryn now has the bouquet in a vase in the living room and the brooch pinned to her jacket. It’s lovely to have reminders of the wedding day around on a daily basis.


Karl & Kathryn’s supplier list
Photography by: Richard Barley Photography