Jules & Martin's Real Wedding

Jules & Martin's Real Wedding - Football Themed Wedding Cake

Football Themed Wedding Cake

At their first wedding Martin and Jules cut into a traditional wedding cake, so this time around they wanted something different. They opted for a mouthwatering Italian cake from Amalfi in Bedford. It was designed to look like a football pitch, with players to represent Stevenage, Jules’s hometown, and Norwich, Martin’s football team.

The incredible cake was topped with a personalised cake topper created by Jules’s sister. It showed Martin carrying Jules across the pitch as he wore his football kit.

Alongside their non-traditional wedding cake, they also provided 250 Italian pastries, which were soon demolished. Jules didn’t even get the chance to try one!

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Jules & Martin-Football Themed Wedding Cake
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Jules & Martin's Real Wedding on 22 Jun 2013

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Photography by:  Thomas Cruickshank

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