Jo & Nick’s Real Wedding

Jo and Nick met in a night club whilst on a last minute night out. They felt as though they were fated to meet! Three years later and Nick was planning a romantic proposal. Four and a half years and one adorable baby girl later, the couple became husband and wife.


Ceremony and Snowballs

When Jo and Nick awoke on the morning of their late March wedding, there was 2ft of snow on the ground! However, the organised bride didn’t panic. A close friend came to the rescue and took Nick and the best man to the church in his 4X4, and the wedding cars for the girls were just able to make it up the street!


Unfazed, the bride swapped her peep toe heels for Hunter wellies and hitched up her dress. Jo and the bridesmaids trudged outside to the Daimler Landaulette, and set off to the 1pm ceremony.

All morning the vicar and volunteers had been clearing snow from the path at the church! Jo was able to enter unfazed and without her wellies, to walk down the aisle with her father. The couple exchanged vows and rings – Jo’s wedding ring was a surprise from Nick – before heading outside for a snowball fight started by their wonderful vicar, Rvd. Kate Bottley.


Nick & Jo’s supplier list
Photography by: Shakespeare Photography
Cars and Travel by: Fairytale Wedding Cars