Jennifer & Mark's Real Wedding

Jennifer & Mark's Real Wedding - Mr & Mrs

Mr & Mrs

Jennifer and Mark both worked onboard trains, but for different depots. Jennifer lived in Birmingham, whilst Mark was from Bournemouth. The couple got together following a chance meeting at Reading Station, when Mark added Jennifer as a friend on Facebook and sent her his number. She took the plunge and sent him a text shortly afterwards.

Just over a year after she sent that fateful text, the couple got engaged. Mark had always been clear that he didn’t want to be engaged to Jennifer whilst he didn’t live with her, so he presented her with a diamond ring the day he moved up to Birmingham to start the next chapter of their lives living together.

Jennifer had been allowed to choose her three favourite engagement rings, and Mark picked one out of them. He gave it to her in a relaxed proposal in their home, which took his bride-to-be totally by surprise.

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Jennifer & Mark-Mr & Mrs
Jennifer & Mark-Sparkly Wedding Dress
Jennifer & Mark-A Trio of Bridesmaids
Jennifer & Mark-Green Groom Accessories
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Jennifer & Mark-Historic Venue
Jennifer & Mark-English Country Garden
Jennifer & Mark-Vintage Pastel Cake
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Jennifer & Mark's Real Wedding on 29 Jul 2012

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Photography by:  Brookfield Photography

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