Jane & Alan's Real Wedding

Jane & Alan's Real Wedding - Tower of Cupcakes

Tower of Cupcakes

After the wedding breakfast, it was time for the speeches. Jane’s brother made a toast to the bride, and including a fun play on the motto of Keele Hall, which is ‘Thank God for All’. He ended his toast by saying ‘Thank God for all, thank God for ale and thank God for Al’, referencing the groom.

They also included a video tribute to the bride’s father, who had sadly passed away 20 years before. It included photos of him when he visited Keele Hall in the 70s, and videos of him with his now-grown grandchildren. It ended with an excerpt from a speech he had given, and was a touching tribute to an important man.

After the speeches, Alan and Jane had to cut the cake. They chose to have five tiers of cupcakes, topped with a traditional cutting cake. The top tier was vanilla flavoured, and there were three different flavours of cupcake to choose from. 

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Jane & Alan's Real Wedding on 25 Jul 2013

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Photography by:  Dave Nunn Wedding Photography
Cakes by:  Kandii Kane Lane

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