Jane & Alan’s Real Wedding

Jane and Alan were together for four months before getting engaged. They tied the knot seven months after that in a beautiful wedding at Keele Hall, which once belonged to Jane’s family! They travelled over from Canada in order to marry at the special venue. 


Happily Ever After

After their meaningful and intimate British wedding, the Canadian couple made the most of their time in Europe by first spending a couple of days with all their family who had flown to England. They followed this by jetting to Paris and Amsterdam for their honeymoon.


Alan and Jane took in all the romantic sights in Paris, before hiring bikes to cycle through the picturesque streets of Amsterdam.

Reflecting on their perfect wedding day, Jane says she wouldn’t change a thing: “Our wedding day was absolutely perfect and the spectacular Keele Hall setting made it feel just like a fairy tale”.


Alan & Jane’s supplier list
Photography by: Dave Nunn Wedding Photography