Helen & Rob's Real Wedding

Helen and Rob originally decided on a Las Vegas wedding – until Helen remembered she was terrified of flying! They married in the UK and had a laidback day, inspired by 1950s Miss Marple with a village fete feel. 

Rob & Helen-Helen and Rob’s Village Fete Inspired Wedding

Rob and Helen first met on match.com, in 2010. The couple weren’t overly fussed about getting married until they attended a friend’s wedding together and then they ‘got it’.

Three years after they first met, Rob bought Helen a ring – it wasn’t an engagement ring but it opened a discussion about marriage and they started planning how they’d tie the knot in Vegas.

Once Helen remembered she hated flying, they had to change their plans. They put together a 1950s village fete style wedding – more Miss Marple than rock’n’roll, and focused on having a fun, relaxed day full of laughter. 

Rob & Helen's Wedding on 16 May 2015

Photography by:  Stone Photos

Wedding venue: The Emperor

Rob & Helen's supplier list

Photography by:  Stone Photos

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