Helen & Rob's Real Wedding

Helen & Rob's Real Wedding - The Transport

The Transport

The choice of transportation were two fabulous Princess Daimlers; one for the bridesmaids and the other for the bride and her Uncle.

All seemed to be going well as the cars started their journey towards the Church. That was until Helen’s car broke down. Not allowing herself to panic but instead to enjoy the wait for the first car to return for her, Helen took the time to think about the day ahead and her future with her husband to be. The transport returned and all looked good to go…until the second car wouldn’t start! Just as Helen was imagining fitting her dress into her neighbour’s car for the trip, the Daimler’s engine started and the somewhat jumpy bride to be returned to her journey. 

The couple were married on time, which would have happened no matter what; Helen was set to walk to Church, she wasn’t going to let anything get in her way!

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Helen & Rob's Real Wedding on 09 Apr 2010

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Photography by:  Joseph Lia Photography

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