Helen & Gavin's Real Wedding

***Benjamin Roberts Bride of the Month, April 2013***

Helen and Gavin met 10 years before they tied the knot in May 2012.  The beginning of their relationship revolved around chocolate cake and therefore the couple decided to cut through a chocolate wedding cake on their big day.  Helen donned an incredible wedding dress designed by Benjamin Roberts and the couple spent their honeymoon in a British location very special to them.

Gavin & Helen-The Bride and Groom

Helen and Gavin used to work together and soon became friends.  They quite quickly realised that there was something special between them and thus began an eight year long relationship.

Gavin knew that he wanted to marry Helen and therefore decided to buy an engagement ring and propose using a sweet treat that had been important to both of them throughout their relationship so far – chocolate cake!

Helen accepted Gavin’s proposal and the couple planned to get married exactly 2 years to the date of their engagement and had in total known each other for 10 years when they tied the knot.

Gavin & Helen's Wedding on 05 May 2012

Photography by: Phoenix Photography

Wedding venue: Bondhay Golf Club

Gavin & Helen's supplier list

Photography by:  Phoenix Photography

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