Heather & Andrew's Real Wedding

Andrew and Heather had a very romantic vintage come elegant style wedding which they hosted for a total of 85 wedding guests through out the day.  They spent 17 months planning and budgeting for their wedding together and ended up having the most memorable day of their lives.

Andrew & Heather-The Couple

Andrew and Heather met online via MySpace back in August 2007 after having a common interest that they both shared. Formula 1 played a big part in their conversations as well as the fact that they had both attended the same university several years before.  Heather was living in London where as Andrew was based in Kent so a lot of travelling back and forth happened before the couple decided to move in together in June 2008. On Valentines Day the following year Andrew whisked Heather off to a lovely hotel in Tunbridge Wells and whilst down on one knee asked her to be his wife.

The couple wanted to pay for their big day themselves and after some research into the average costs of a wedding they were able to work out a rough budget and a time frame in order to save up.  They thought that between 15 and 18 months would be enough time to plan their perfect day…and it was.

Andrew & Heather's Wedding on 05 Jun 2010

Photography by: Friends and Family

Wedding venue: Dunchurch Park


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