Gillian & Mark's Real Wedding

Gillian and Mark planned and organised a butterfly themed wedding in 16 months after their romantic and very personal engagement. They invited a total of 66 guests to witness their church ceremony followed by a further 64 guests to the evening reception. The couple had a budget of £10,000 and made sure that every detail of their wedding day was immaculate!

Mark & Gillian-The Couple

Gillian and Mark met via the internet and arranged to break the ice by meeting at a local bar so that they could chat in person.  They clicked straight away and there were no awkward silences during the evening which enticed them to arrange a second date, which then led to a third…….

Just a year later Mark cooked a romantic 3 course dinner at home for Gillian as he was planning  surprise that he wanted to be personal and private. Gillian knew he was up to something as the table had been set beautifully and there were candles that had been lit all around the room. Mark got down on one knee and asked Gillian to marry him before popping a bottle of champagne that he had been chilling! The newly engaged couple spent 16 months planning their wedding together.

Mark & Gillian's Wedding on 24 Jul 2010

Photography by: DG Weddings

Wedding venue: Cubley Hall

Mark & Gillian's supplier list

Photography by:  DG Weddings

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