Gemma & James's Real Wedding

Gemma & James's Real Wedding - The Newlyweds

The Newlyweds

Gemma and James first met 12 years ago on the first day of their A-Levels.  In their first lesson on Law they sat next to each other and during the course of their ‘meet and greet’ introduction they became friends. Gemma and James remained close and stayed in touch in spite of going off to separate Universities, some 300 miles apart! The strength of their friendship was clear to family and friends and on numerous occasions they would have to explain that they were purely just friends.

Gemma and James started their ‘relationship’ in 2005 and moved in together during 2006.  On their 5th anniversary James suggested a day trip to London.  The couple took a trip on the London Eye and had a gorgeous lunch in Covent Garden followed by a walk down Oxford Street. All the while James was holding on tightly to the ring box that he had in his pocket. Later in the afternoon whilst watching the pelicans in St. James Park, James finally proposed! The couple celebrated their engagement with Champagne and spent the following 18 months saving up in order to have their dream wedding.

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Gemma & James-The Newlyweds
Gemma & James-The Dress
Gemma & James-Wedding Stationery
Gemma & James-Dundas Castle
Gemma & James-The Wedding Flowers
Gemma & James-Reception Table Decor
Gemma & James-The Bespoke Wedding Cake
Gemma & James-The First Dance
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Gemma & James's Real Wedding on 22 May 2011

James & Gemma's supplier list

Photography by:  Claremont Photography

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