Emma & Phil's Real Wedding

Phil and Emma got engaged on their six year anniversary in Venice. They married just over 18 months later in a beautiful barn wedding with a country inspired theme. 

Phil & Emma-Mr and Mrs

Emma’s sister introduced the future husband and wife to each other at their local pub. Their friendship groups merged and Phil and Emma became good friends.

Phil made a lot of effort trying to persuade Emma to go on a date with him, and after a year she agreed. After six blissful years together, the couple went on an anniversary trip to Venice, and Phil surprised Emma with a romantic proposal.

He waited for the perfect moment to pop the question – which turned out to be just as they were about to lock a padlock on to one of the bridges. Phil said, “I don't just want us to see us lock our love I want everyone else to see it, so will you marry me?” and presented Emma with a dress ring, explaining that she could choose her own engagement ring back at home. 

Phil & Emma's Wedding on 04 Oct 2014

Photography by: FitzGerald Photographic

Wedding venue: Southend Barns

Phil & Emma's supplier list

Photography by:  FitzGerald Photographic

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