Emilie & Allan's Real Wedding

Emilie & Allan's Real Wedding - Four Tiered Wedding Cake

Four Tiered Wedding Cake

Allan and Emilie cut into a square, four tiered wedding cake covered in soft white icing. The cake, which was created by 3D Cakes, featured carrot, lemon and chocolate flavoured tiers, and was decorated with blue ribbon, diamantes and ivory roses.

The cake was cut up and served to guests as dessert. They received a slice of each flavour, accompanied with a delicious coulis. After the wedding, Emilie and Allan donated the remainder of their wedding cake to a homeless shelter.

The newlyweds shared their first dance to ‘La Vie En Rose’, sung by KT Tunstall, as it was another blend of France and Scotland.

Following their personal and beautiful wedding, Allan and Emilie set off on a mini-moon to Iceland, where they went white water rafting, hiked up snowy volcanos and swam in a blue lagoon. It was totally unique and the perfect way to start their married life!

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Emilie & Allan-The Newlyweds
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Emilie & Allan-Four Tiered Wedding Cake
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Emilie & Allan's Real Wedding on 18 May 2013

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Photography by:  Linda Rodger Photography
Cakes by:  3D Cakes

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