Dorianne & Hiren's Real Wedding

Dorianne & Hiren's Real Wedding - The Bride and Groom

The Bride and Groom

Dorianne and Hiren met in a bar 4 years ago when she was on a night out with the girls and he was out on a stag do. Dorianne acidentally tripped over and basically fell into Hiren’s arms. For the rest of the night he held her bag and shoes as she danced away with the girls and the start of a beautiful relationship began.

2 years into their relationship Hiren planned to propose whilst the couple were away on holiday in South Africa for a friend’s wedding. He took his amazing girlfriend to Cape Point, South African’s southern most tip, for a chat and a stroll. They saw a crab and a fish playing in a pond and Dorianne said that she wanted to see some action. Hiren bent immediately down on one knee, pulled out a stunning ring and said “Is this enough action for you?”

Dorianne of course accepted Hiren’s romantic proposal and he then whisked her off to the most amazing, luxurious hotel on the beach where all the staff knew that Dorianne was the bride-to-be!

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Dorianne & Hiren's Real Wedding on 06 Sep 2014

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Photography by:  Jilda G Photography

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