Dorianne & Hiren's Real Wedding

Dorianne & Hiren's Real Wedding - Glamorous Wedding Cake

Glamorous Wedding Cake

Dorianne and Hiren cut through a three layered wedding cake featuring flavours of red velvet, passion fruit and almonds, complete with buttercream. Christina from a bakery called Mimimho designed the cake and it was distributed throughout the evening and for days afterwards.

The newlywed couple plan on spending their honeymoon in Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Dubai during early 2015; a dream honeymoon for this very much in love couple!

Looking back at their wedding day Dorianne said that the only thing she would have changed would have been to not have left last minute organizing until the day before – but in some cases there is nothing that can be done about this.  She also recommended delegating jobs around to reduce as much stress as possible.

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Dorianne & Hiren-The Bride and Groom
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Dorianne & Hiren-Glamorous Wedding Cake
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Dorianne & Hiren's Real Wedding on 06 Sep 2014

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Photography by:  Jilda G Photography

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