Debbie & David's Real Wedding

Debbie and David wanted a small, intimate and relaxed wedding without the usual formalities.  They tied the knot at Palazzo Parisio in Malta, a historic venue featuring one of the most beautiful ballrooms on the island.  They celebrated their emotional nuptials with a total of 16 guests before sitting down to a luxurious dinner and Salsa dancing entertainment at The Radisson Blu, Golden Bay. 

David & Debbie-Love at first sight

Debbie set eyes on David across a crowded bar and almost felt her chin drop.  Luckily the pair had a mutual friend and were introduced within minutes.

The couple dated for three years and even had little boy together who they both love dearly.  It was at David Jnr. first birthday party where David presented Debbie with a gorgeous engagement ring in front of both their families. He said that the gift was for being such a wonderful mummy to David Jnr. David had the beautiful engagement ring made bespoke for his future wife, and the couple celebrated with a bottle of Champagne with their families and baby son.

David and Debbie decided to get married abroad and took 8 months to plan their romantic wedding in Malta.

David & Debbie's Wedding on 07 May 2012

Photography by: Caruana Photography

David & Debbie's supplier list

Photography by:  Caruana Photography

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