Clare & John's Real Wedding

Clare and John wanted to commemorate their love for each other in a meaningful and sincere way and to celebrate the event in such a fashion that everyone who attended it enjoyed it from start to finish!

The couple married in the beautiful Park Resort in Wick before jetting off to the Royal Plantation in Jamaica where they had an unplanned extended honeymoon due to the volcanic ash putting a stop to flights in the UK.

John & Clare-The Couple

Clare and John were going out together for five years before John made a very intimate proposal to his then girlfriend. He placed a ring that he had chosen himself on her finger and three years later the couple married.

Using her creative skills, Clare designed her own invitations and sent them to the guests twelve weeks prior to the special day where the couple celebrated their love for each other in a very beautiful and personal wedding ceremony.

John & Clare's Wedding on 08 Apr 2010

Photography by: Nicola Jane Photography

Wedding venue: The Park Resort

John & Clare's supplier list

Photography by:  Nicola Jane Photography

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