Claire & Richard's Real Wedding

Richard and Claire tied the knot in a beautiful autumnal themed wedding with lots of literary touches. The couple had a traditional church wedding ceremony followed by a marquee reception at Claire’s parents’ house. 

Richard & Claire-The Newlyweds

Claire and Richard had both attended Birmingham University, but their paths never crossed there. Richard did his PhD with one of Claire’s school friends, and they met as guests at her wedding, where Claire caught the bouquet!

The pair had been together for two years when Richard proposed – they’d planned to go out for a romantic meal but were so tired they went home to bed. Richard popped the question propped up on one elbow in bed.

He bought Claire a beautiful antique engagement ring, after her friend Rachel marched him to the antique shop whilst Claire was at work to show him what she liked.

The couple spent 11 months planning their perfect day, and Claire even managed to find time to blog about her experience whilst organising her dream wedding!

Richard & Claire's Wedding on 30 Aug 2014

Photography by: IMMI Photography

Wedding venue: At Home

Richard & Claire's supplier list

Photography by:  IMMI Photography

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