Claire & Mark's Real Wedding

Claire and Mark had an intimate wedding ceremony and reception held at the beautiful Stoodleigh Court in Devon.  They spent just over a year organising their dream day and made sure that every detail of the wedding was planned to perfection. Overall the couple went slightly under budget when it came to the money side of things and they spent their honeymoon in the exciting city of Dublin. 

Mark & Claire-The New Mr & Mrs

Claire and Mark met during basic training at HMS Raleigh. Mark was first to notice Claire, but due to the nature of their work, which was situated on a military base, the couple couldn’t date the conventional way. 

After seeing each other across the miles for approximately a year Mark had invited Claire to drive down to Plymouth after work one evening to go for a romantic walk down to the harbour. After climbing on to a wall overlooking the sea the couple lay down on their backs and gazed at the moonlit sky.  Mark told Claire to close her eyes and hold out her hand to which he slid on a beautiful engagement ring. When Claire opened her eyes Mark asked if she would marry him.

Mark & Claire's Wedding on 06 Aug 2011

Photography by: Eve Jones Photography

Wedding venue: Stoodleigh Court

Mark & Claire's supplier list

Photography by:  Eve Jones Photography

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